Bug Bounty 1.0


This 15 hour course will teach you all the required skills needed when Hunting for a bug in a live website, including using the advanced options of Burp.

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Basic About Bug Bounty
  • Meaning of Bug Bounty
  • Reason Behind Bug Bounty
Basic About Bug Bounty Platforms
  • What Bug Bounty Platforms you must Use
  • What things must know before Sigining Up
How to start for Bug Hunting
  • How to Get Starting with Bug Bounties
  • What Programs you should Choose
  • What vulnerabilities you must Find
Introduction to Burpsuite
  • What is Burp Suite & Configuration
  • How to efficiently use Burp to Find Bugs
FootPrinting & Info Gathering
  • Many Vulnerabilities found During Recon
  • Different Tools for Info Gathering
Background Concept of OWASP TOP 10  Vulnerabilities
  • Overview of Owasp top 10
  • Reason Behind Bug Bounty
Cross Site Scripting
  • Basic Reflected XSS with Practical Examples
  • Basic Stored XSS with Practical Examples
Host Header Injection
  • Concept of Host Header
  • Practical Examples
SPF Misconfiguration
  • Concept of SPF
  • Practical Examples
HTML Injection
  • Concept of HTML Injection
  • Practical Examples
Critical File Found
  • What is Critical Files
  • How to Find
  • Not in Owasp Top 10 but Still Found?
  • Concepts of CSRF
  • Practical Examples
Brute Forcing
  • Background concept of Brute Forcing
  • Practical Examples
CMS Vulnerabilities
  • One CMS related Vulnerabilities
Vulnerability Scanners
  • Different Tools to Scan Websites


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