Android Pentesting





Usage of Android Application is increasing day by day . So most of the big companies use android applications to ease of use to there customers but by increasing usage of applications so as security issues also increased & most of the researchers focus on web related bugs so you have a great opportunities to get a chance to find critical bugs in applications.


1. Introduction
1.1 Introduction to Android
1.2 OS Installation
1.3 Emulator Installation
1.4 Application & Burp Configuration
1.5 Android Security Architecture
2. Bugs
2.1 Insecure Logging
2.2 Reversing
2.3 Hard Coding Issues
2.4 Insecure data Storage
2.5 Sql Injection & Inclusion Bugs
2.6 Access Control Issues
2.7 Input Validation Issues
2.8 Automated Testing
2.9 Rate Limiting Issues
2.10 End of Course


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